Jenna Forrest on Empowering Sensitivity

Jenna ForrestJenna Forrest has been a committed student of higher consciousness since 2004. She published her memoir Help Is On Its Way to introduce the topic of high sensitivity to mainstream audiences. Today, she runs her own business as a writer and consultant.

From her office in Durham, NC, Jenna represents companies, businesses and personal brands as they grow toward enterprising goals, keeping their image and communications credible, earnest, alive and relevant.

She also does interviews and writes articles to help people who want to empower and transcend their high sensitivity. In the interview, she talks about a number of perspectives and strategies she uses in helping her clients, and suggests books and programs.

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  1. Erika Harris says:

    Warm greetings, Sensational People ;-)

    “Joyful Work for Sensitive People” is an article you may find of interest.

  2. Hi Erika,
    I really enjoyed your article, Joyful Work for Sensitive People. Talk about empowerment! Thank you for sharing this! And I am confident that your website will continue to gain popularity as this kind of information is so relevant to what so many of us are looking for.
    Let me know how I can be of support.

  3. […] > Also listen to my audio podcast interview with Jenna Forrest. […]

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