Jim Hallowes on Highly Sensitive People

Jim Hallowes is founder of the Highly Sensitive People website, and has been studying and presenting information on HSPs [highly sensitive people] for about ten years.

He has a wide range of informed perspectives on this trait and how it relates to gifted and creative people, and his site includes a number of resources.

Photo from another of his sites: www.jimhallowes.com

Also see my site Highly Sensitive, and articles on High Sensitivity.

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  1. Erika Harris says:

    Warm greetings, Sensational People ;-)

    “Joyful Work for Sensitive People” is an article you may find of interest.

  2. […] our audio interview, Jim Hallowes, founder of the Highly Sensitive People website, talks about his perspectives on this […]

  3. jane thomas says:

    Great info- I am a gifted highly sensitive person– I always felt more, seen more, thought more, cared more and have been brutally emotionally abused by my family for having these traits, mostly by my mother, my sibings under her direction!!–I interrupted her need to concern herself with herself only–
    THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS– I can do something great with this definition of my situation– this is positive and affirming and I an create with info under me with or w/o a family that appreciates me.
    PS– how does he percentage negative blood figure into the sensitive population?? I know it is 15 percent. jane

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