Dr. Ted Zeff on how people can benefit from being highly sensitive

TedZeffTed Zeff received his doctorate in psychology in 1981 from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA.

He teaches workshops on coping techniques for highly sensitive people and has taught stress reduction and insomnia management for over fifteen years at various hospitals and medical groups.

He has more than twenty years experience counseling sensitive people and has a private practice counseling HSPs in-person and by phone.

His site: www.drtedzeff.com

Books by Ted Zeff, PhD :

The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide: Essential Skills for Living Well in an Overstimulating World

Highly Sensitive Person’s Companion: Daily Exercises for Calming Your Senses in an Overstimulating World

Also see Video: nurturing our sensitive self: Ted Zeff, PhD on strategies

Here is our interview:



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  1. […] Douglas Eby, of the intergalactic-sized website Talent Development Resources, interviewed Dr. Ted Zeff, author of The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide, on the topic of how people can benefit from being highly sensitive. (Click on the little blue circle under the stars to start the audio on http://www.spokenword.org or access it from Douglas Eby’s website.) […]

  2. Rosalyn says:

    Being highly sensitive it was hard for me to listen to interview as I kept picking up on the nervousness of the interviewer. That caused me to find myself honing in on him rather than the wonderful information presented by Ted.

    I think we need to start honoring all people and stop looking for left brain information about people who process from the right brain, and from then gut and perceive life on many levels. As our world spins more out of control and things get faster and faster we may need the hsp’s to help us process the information on a feeling level.

  3. Jeanette says:

    And all this time I thought I was just an overly-sensitive, introverted, woosie nerd. I’m afraid of carnival rides, hate violent movies and feel uncomfortable in social situations. Stress makes me sick, literally. (I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.)

    On the positive side, I’ve been told I’m compassionate and creative. I love to write and people seem to like my quirky but likeable characters. My stories are character driven. Unfortunately that’s not selling now. The public loves horror and I can’t read it, let alone write it.

    If HSP really does make up 20% of the population, maybe I’m not such an oddball. Maybe I’m really writing for that 20% that also hate horror and want to read about HSP characters, too.

    Thank you for giving me hope.

  4. Douglas Eby says:

    Jeanette – Thanks for your comments. You might also like my Highly Sensitive site
    and Highly Sensitive Facebook page

  5. bo luna says:

    enjoyed this intervjew much aswell in my day of nothing to do. reacted a lot on the chield thing, as it is something i have been doing since i kid really, more often today though. and also on his last comment, it is not even worth trying for uss, or anyone for that matter to fit in a society with a healthy agenda on a profund sick society. also on the difference how hsb people are treeted around the world, and only in the western culture it is overlooked and regarded so far as negative. compared that thought, with his findings about animals, that hsp animals like horses do come to lead the group but as non western cultures, it is clear to me even further what the foundational problem is. it is th way the society is living simply. it is as if, in the western world, a better idea to hide your emotions. why so, because emotions are used or because emotions are easelier exposed by others. thinking about this, it becomes clear to me why when viewing hsb persons mostly their negative attributes comes to light.

    i think the question really is. should society elimate the enviorment, that causes the general public to hide their emotions that leads to 30 procent of them beein more in harm. or should society eliminate them with emotions, and firstly then the 30 procent. however as resarcher prooves, a society without thoose 30 procent would even survive or continue to exist. to me the answear is already obvious, but also clear when seeing it through all perspectives. the western world needs an eviormental change. and, i do notice, most wants it, but most hides their cravings. a society, that is forced to hide their emotions to survive, is indeed a profund sick society and can only so remain, untill its enviorment is changed.

    another question does remain. how has it come to this state. is it religion, history, or the overal culture. but the culture is depended on either history or religion. a critic to the studies, has been i read on wikipedia, that the notion of slf sacrifice might be found in the hsb people. and i can understand why someone can come to think like that, when not going further deeply on the issue. for example. there are two peoples. A and b. a, notice b is wrong in an issue, and notic his selfastime is partly based on the issue. person a is left with a choice, to tell B he is wrong and risk his persona to be tarnished. or dont tell B he is wrong but endure the answear from B further and B:s good self astime witch usually is used by B:s. so it is not self sacrifice, it is simply a more carrying agenda witht he need not to be right.

    however, if the string of actions comes from B leads him to take further wrong turns, and also advising others to take turns, which turns to be wrong. than person a should eventually come to the conclusion, to tell B he is wrong. that is however after extensive observations. and here comes the tricky part. after all that time, when person A wants to tell person B he is wrong, in a society which backs up persona B, person B will use his society to be “against” person A, and not listen to the real message behind or see the possible positive changes in the longrun in the society. I call this the nazi syndrome. where nazi eliminated people with other views, where nazi come to be the majority and people found proof of the right way in someone elses, who walk the same wrong path. just because the majority says something, doesnt neccesarly means its right.

    therfor this agenda, to better the society and stop an societys profund sickness. is an almost impossible task. one would have to go back and find the first reason behind. and discuss with the society weather or not to keep this first move or not. but such a conversation is not going to work, if its not a real conversation done by the entire society. and just looking at a presidential election in for example usa, people live different depending on what they belive and therfor vote differently. but this agenda is not that shallow, but its deeper meaning would proberly be overlooked by the differance in the public already.

    so how is the way. an open diskussion is the only way, to even start it. but as epople experience, our society doesnt always have open diskussions.

    therfor I dare only to dream, of a new country where this is not even needed. that could stand forth and talk this conversation for the others, and where they can go when they want to talk about it or be part of this, rather neccesarly profound enviormental society change. with that said, its a dream. on the other hand, why should I care. I would be fine in myself to make sure my life is as i want it, and i will eventually. when i am in the right enviorment for myself. but I do see, as many now are seeing. it is simply needed, and thoose who dont see it reacts in way where their subconsious say it is needed. so why, simply we care.

    Ok this was, a deep answear, but its a deep issue. all the best. bye.

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